Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Relativistic Effects

Relativistic Effects

I don't write poetry very often. By that, I mean that I haven't written a poem since high school. (my God, has it really been twenty years already?)

Last night I was in the Physics:1 Yahoo! chat room, and was discussing relativity with someone who isn't familiar with physics. I was explaining relativistic mass, when she stopped me with "I'll never remember that. If it rhymed and explained it, then I might remember."

So, I wrote a relativity poem. Here it is:

Your mass at rest
is as small as it gets;
it gets bigger the faster you go.
If you travel at c
it's as big as can be,
but your time and length drop to zero.

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Anonymous said...

this is delightful.

Rob Huck said...

If I had only read that during my first-year modern physics course, I wouldn't had had to re-write the final. Wonderful.